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Rusty's Application

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Posted 01 October 2015 - 02:36 AM

[b]Name - what should we call you?[/b] Rusty
[b]Character name:[/b] Le Rouge
[b]Character class:[/b] Wanderer
[b]Character level:[/b] 136
[b]Ragnarok experience:[/b]
Several years on and off.

My primary account was created in 2003. My current account was created on 2011 -I had to make a new account because Gravity is sexist and wouldn't allow a dancer on my main account.
[b]Past guild experience and why you left:[/b]
I have a couple years of pre-renewal WoE experience. Mostly on a knight/lord knight. circa late 2006. Not much noteworthy since then.

I quit RO and restarted on Iris. I joined Phoenix? as a Stalker and played until a few months before the merge.

I started playing again with some friends in 2011 due to 3rd classes hype and made a Wanderer with intentions to WoE. Quit after a short time because my friends were not keeping up in levels as they had lost interest in the game.
[b]WoE availability:[/b] Saturday
Wednesday availability will depend on whether or not I can get RO running on my Macbook with satisfactory performance.

Full disclosure: I play WoW and I raid with my guild three times a week (no conflicts with WoE days). I'm the raid leader of a Mythic raid team, but I have no problems with authority. In fact, I miss the simpler and less stressful life back when I was merely a cog in a server-first progression guild. My commitment to my guild will mean that I will not be logging on RO every night.
[b]WoE gears:[/b]
I'm not up-to-date on the current optimal gear for Wanderers in WoE.

Rather, I compiled a list of gear that I have that might be worth something. Most of the gear has probably been supplanted due to power creep/gear progression (hey, it's what keeps mmorpg's alive), but I can try to liquidate it to buy starter WoE gear.

Dying Swan [1]
Miraculous Glasses [1]
Pirate Dagger
Improved Tights [1] x 2
+7 Orc Archer Bow
+8 Valkyrian Manteau [1]
Clip Under a Cast [1]
Teleport Belt [1]
+7 Cranial Valkyrja's Shield [1]
+7 Cancer Crown
Black Frame Glasses [1] x 2
Bow Thimble
Battle Manual X3 x20
HD Elunium 10 Box x 20
Abysmal Knight Helm [1] x3
Waterdrop Brooch [1] x2
Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1]
Elite Archer Suit [1]
Combat Boots [1]
Commander's Manteau [1]
+7 Feather Beret [1]
Robo Eye
+6 Titan Ice Pick [1]
+7 Kingbird Elven Bow [1]
+7 Queen's Whip
+9 Veteran Axe
+7 Virgo Crown
Demon Mask
+5 Dark Bacilium [1]

A friend of mine borrowed gear previously worth 300mil and never returned it. If I can get him to re-install and re-log, I might have some more crap to sell to fund WoE expenses.

[b]What is your role in WoE?[/b]
I remember choosing a Dancer over Bard because I thought it would be more fun to Slow Grace over being a Magic Strings bot.

Also, Classical Pluck used to be good for precasts. Not sure if that's still a thing with the new castle layouts.

I'm getting old. My micro isn't what it used to be, even with my ethnic bonus to micro skills. Dancer/Gypsy/Wanderer seems like a pretty straightforward class.
[b]Do you have Mumble and a mic?[/b] I have both.
[b]Sell yourself - What can you bring to LR?[/b]
Consider this a pre-application. I don't meet the level requirements and I haven't amassed the gear necessary for WoE.

My game knowledge is basically zero at this point, and I have to relearn how to play the game. Given the lack of activity on RO-related forums, getting in contact with an established guild seems to be the best way to get up-to-date information and expedite that process.

After over a decade of playing mmorpgs, it still amazes me to this day that years ago 40/40 people would show up to WoE and now I can't even get 20 people out of 30 people to show up to raid in WoW. I have no idea what kind of commitment the players of Loki's Realm have, but it would be nice to experience that once more.

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Posted 02 October 2015 - 12:09 AM

A man behind the sexy wanderer sprite..i approve your transgender application +1

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Posted 03 October 2015 - 11:03 AM

+1! Wandies are getting popular again?!


I plan on returning to WoW once Legion is released! I miss my Resto Shaman. :(


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Posted 03 October 2015 - 06:45 PM

welcome back to RO, there are a LOT of new things to do/learn about, a lot of your gear will probably be sold for start up cash. great application by the way, and sorry the forums were down all day yesterday :/


we're able to get at least 30 on for WoE 1.0s and 40 for 2.0s, so you'll be liking that.


Please register on forums. Then once I activate you, log in and check out how LR works and please re-introduce yourself in these threads:


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Posted 04 October 2015 - 08:07 AM

This is Rusty. It's good to see the website is back up. I've made an account for approval.

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Posted 04 October 2015 - 10:39 AM



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